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22 Aug

Good credit score

The dogs that we give up for adoption – The Greyhound

All dogs were proposed for the suppression and have the good fortune to be able to be adopted as good-hearted volunteers Irish and Spanish good credit score, or some trainers willing to take care of the dogs until their departure.

All available greyhounds were bred to participate in competitive races, why they were discarded – and therefore available to be adopted – are different. Some are simply too slow, or not interested in chasing the prey mechanics. Others are too shy to face the red-hot atmosphere of the dog track, still others have raced and are now ready to enjoy life as a dog for companionship. They are all tattooed and registered so that their date of birth is unknown, as they come from the trainer.

In general, their health and psychological are good, unfortunately can happen especially unfortunate cases of dogs that bear signs of physical abuse or psychological, that may need care or someone who can overcome their fears him. The greyhound is a breed very mild, so any abuse suffered does not result in aggression towards humans, but rather timid, sometimes extreme.

Cscelta1lassificato Graioide morphologically as type. In his appearance is immediately aware that this is a race very fast, due to its construction rather than aerodynamic, large lungs, the heart and the shape of all the muscles, the flexibility of the spine and the double “gallop” in which, during the race, all four feet are suspended in the air Greyhound twice in each complete progression. It is always a race unquestionable charm and beauty.

The males measured at the withers between 71 and 27 to 76 cm weighing 40 kg, while females are between 68 and 71 cm and their weight can vary from 27 to 34 kg. He has built a strong, impressive, well proportioned, good muscle strength and symmetrical structure, head long, moderately wide, with flat skull and stop hardly marked, supported by a long neck and muscular, elegantly arched and well set into shoulders. The ears are small and thin that they are set to pink. The eyes are oval and oblique, bright, intelligent, mostly dark. The nose is in line with the muzzle, dark in color. The jaws are powerful and well-chiseled, and show perfect teeth and regular scissor bite. The shoulders are sloping, well laid back, muscular without being heavy, with narrow shoulders and well defined. The trunk is spacious, with chest and deep, a good ability to give adequate space to the heart and lungs, shores long, well sprung and slanting; sides dug in the back rather long, broad and square. The loins are arched, powerful and slightly convex. The arms were long and straight, have a good backbone for both consistency and for compactness. The pasterns are moderate in length, are slightly tilted and upright with the elbows and the feet (of moderate length, toes well arched and compact and thickly padded). The hind legs and thighs are broad and muscular, capable of great propulsive power.

The flexibility and power of the arts, given by a solid muscle and dry, throws into relief the distinctive qualities of the breed type and quality of making the loose stride, straight, oblique, oblong, and allowing you to cover much ground at high speed .

The tail is long, inserted rather low, thick at root and tapering towards the end. It is carried low and slightly curved.

Greyhound in the skin close to the body is covered with short hair, smooth fine and compact that it can occur in black, white, red, blue, fawn, fawn, brindle, each of these colors with or without white.

The Greyhound (English short-haired Hound) is a race (which is the only one mentioned in the Bible) has ancient origins, and derives no doubt from the eastern greyhounds.
tesemImage There are two schools of thought regarding the origin of this breed. Among the experts, in fact, many think that the breed comes from the “Tesem”, an ancient Egyptian Greyhound, which would have been imported in Greece and England in the wake of the Phoenicians, who with their maritime trade touched all the coasts of the known world in that time. Others argue that the appearance of this old hound is dated between the twelfth and thirteenth century, coinciding with the return of the Crusaders from the East, the result of which would come into direct ancestors of today’s Europe, the Greyhound.

Even for the Greyhound, as with other greyhounds, there are many representations in many frescoes and paintings from the sixteenth century. Among the great artists include: Bruegel the Elder, Jacob Jordaens, Jean-Baptiste Oudry, and many others in the paintings and tapestries in the dogs that are portrayed at the time were called “Greyhounds of Britain”, which were strikingly similar to the Greyhound . Since the fourteenth century, the Greyhound was the breed of choice for coursing, which is used for hunting deer, boar and deer and then carefully selected by the British to bring out the characteristics of speed and courage. The Greyhound, in fact, with its 64/70 km / h is the fastest dog breeds and among the mammals in the second acceleration is to be second only to the cheetah, and by virtue of this has become the undisputed leader in the English dog track where practice, the mechanical rabbit to chase.