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18 Aug

Microwaves: harmful or not?

We are exposed every day, and in many ways. But the microwave is it harmful to health? Some studies challenged, say yes, others argue that they are safe.
Ubiquitous waves

Microwaves are everywhere. You are exposed every time you use your how to make extra money cell phone, microwave oven, your TV, your wireless home network. Leaving out, you are also exposed to microwaves emitted by radio, television and even cell phone towers and radar systems (weather and airports, among others).

In short, microwave, invisible part of your daily life, whether you like it or not. However, various sources are reports of dangers associated with their exposure. Periodically, articles and reports suggest that the microwave or radio frequencies, are harmful to living things.
Attention danger!

In recent decades, many studies on the impact of microwaves on health have been made. The findings of some, all denied by other researchers, make the hair on the head. An American scientist, Dr. George Louis Carlo, has publicly denounced the dangers associated with exposure to microwaves.

Based on his own work and that of his colleagues, the public health scientist reported numerous health problems associated with exposure to microwaves. Thus, the latter would be responsible, in particular, many sleep disturbances, headaches, stress and anxiety, dizziness and vision problems. The doctor also reported difficulties with concentration and memory loss and even heart problems and an increase in allergies. Nothing to celebrate!

Other researchers, those French, speak the same syndrome of the microwave.

The radiologist Claude Monnet and his colleague, Peter Ruz, a doctor of physiology, in fact believe that microwaves have an impact on all living matter, whether plant or animal. They suggest that humans become accustomed gradually to RF exposure. Then, when exposure reaches a high level of defense mechanisms are activated. However, the response of the body, often inappropriate, would cause unwanted reactions. Neurodegenerative disease that usually appear in later life would appear earlier in some individuals, thereby reducing their quality of life.

The two researchers also report prenatal and postnatal conditions, including preterm birth and growth retardation.

In adults, visual disturbances, bleeding nose and gums are caused by exposure to microwaves. They also result in psychological problems and behavioral problems ranging from passivity to suicide, to depression and irritability.
Of reassuring

However, the researchers’ conclusions are contradicted by other studies that claim that microwaves have a minor impact on the individual. The World Health Organization (WHO) and Health Canada, among others, are reassuring to the impacts of microwaves on human health and the quality of life of a human being.
In the words of WHO …

WHO is unequivocal: “The evidence accumulated so far have not shown the existence of adverse short-or long-term due to RF (radio frequency) generated by base stations. As wireless networks produce generally lower RF signals than base stations, we do not believe that exposure to them can have side effects. ” The organization even concluded that “given the very low exposure levels and research results obtained to date, there is no convincing scientific evidence of possible harmful effects of base stations and wireless networks over health. ”

However, the global body change its tune 31 May 2011 stating that the waves emitted by cell phones could be “potentially carcinogenic” to the brains of heavy users of this technology. Additional studies should be performed to confirm this hypothesis.
The Health Canada advisory

For its part, Health Canada estimates that “the RF electromagnetic energy emitted by cell phones and base stations is a type of non-ionizing radiation similar to the energy produced by the broadcast signals and radio AM / FM. Unlike ionizing radiation (including X-ray machines), RF energy emitted by cellular or other wireless devices can not break chemical bonds. In other words, it is unlikely that it damages the human genetic material. ” That is reassuring.
Security measures

Health Canada has also issued guidelines in a security code. Companies that use microwaves in their trade or business are required to comply with to ensure the safety of the general public. This code provides for the mandatory posting of warning signs if the frequencies exceed the levels above the established standards or close.

The manufacture of household appliances with this technology, also regulated, also provides additional protection.

As the saying goes, “it is better security.” Thus, the use of a hands-free cell phone limits the exposure of your brain to microwaves emanating from the device.

Similarly, a microwave oven damage and avoid leaving the radio can be dangerous for people who are nearby. In addition, it is recommended not to cook food more than three minutes to avoid heat the bottle for infants and young children.

Finally, Wi-Fi devices, commonly used, are not dangerous. “The best evidence that the Wi-Fi is safe is the inability of scientists to replicate the findings expected to demonstrate a risk. There are a handful of studies that attempt to prove that the microwave would break the DNA (which may cause cancer), but what the alarmists do not tell you is that the method is imperfect, “says Lorne Trottier, an electronics engineer.

The fact remains, the microwave part of our lives. We are exposed at any time. And without them our lives would be significantly different. Imagine your life without cell phones, no Internet, no radio or television, no microwave oven to cook or reheat your food, no communication, no air … In fact, you could not tell you about the risks of microwaves. What do you think?