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18 Aug

Practices that soothe tensions?

I “Our body always reacts to the thoughts that come to debt to income ratio mind as they stand” practices that soothe tensions Our daily tensions have broader implications, including on our memory and our health. Ulcers of the stomach or heart attack can result. Soothe our tensions is essential.

It is unrealistic to expect to escape the tensions inherent in existence, particularly in the context of work, health, couple, family or relationships with others in general. These are all external causes of stress. It is therefore best to cope, and for that, to develop coping strategies. More than the events themselves, is our way of thinking, our interpretation of the facts is important. Anxiety is foremost in our minds and that’s when it may cause memory problems, sexual difficulties, hypertension, somatizations …

The role of mental imagery Fortunately, methods exist. The important thing is not to remain passive in the face of rising anxiety. For example you can think of cool things. A pleasant trip, a good meal, a party with friends … Our body always reacts to the thoughts that come to mind as they stand. Never mind that these thoughts are spontaneous or not, they will have a positive beneficial effect. This is why the practice of mental imagery is frequently used in hospital patients with cancer. They are thus encouraged to imagine their malignant cells attacked and struck down by powerful white blood cells … Another method, that of autogenic training, behavioral technique developed in 1932 by German specialists. Just sit, or rather to lie in a quiet room, close your eyes and focus on the weight and warmth of a body part, like the arm. These perceptions have gradually spread to the rest of the soma, to feel his heartbeat.

Attitude control anxiety
You can also practice meditation. There are many practices to meditate but all stress the importance of the environment. It is imperative to engage in this kind of exercise in a peaceful place where no one can bother you and sit in a comfortable position, with good lighting. Then, you see if you prefer to concentrate on the flame of a candle, your breath on a concept of a physical or a sound issue (Om, usually).

Mastery of anxiety through an attitude of simple behaviors and optimistic. Smile, think positive, get enough rest, practice yoga or relaxation therapy, have a massage, enjoy the liberating sports like swimming, write down what bothers you, change your air for a few days if you really n ‘can in addition. Treat yourself from time to time by giving out or giving you those pants a bit expensive as you are dreaming. But it’s not just the state of mind to consider. Your diet can also play a role. Thus, some people eat too much because it is the only way they found to ease their strife. If, conversely, the stress you cut your appetite, remember that you will not have the energy if you do not absorb enough food. You will be even more vulnerable. So do not skip meals, especially breakfast. The key is to evenly distribute the heat in order to have more punch to be the most stressful times of the day (eg office hours). Promote raw foods, including fruits and vegetables, as well as nutritionists advise. When you eat, focus on food, enjoy it as slowly as possible. Avoid foods that are too fat, too salty or too sweet, caffeine and alcohol. These basic rules are actually a positive impact on the psyche and the line …! The best antidote to the malaise is not a set of behaviors as healthy as possible?