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linux virgin 1.1-1.5

<Karla and Koyo are trying new things and we would like some help> ;-)

linux virgin 1.1

Starting on Feb 14th
parts arrive, unpacking, unscrewing, admiring parts

linux virgin 1.2

Feb 21st
the parts explained

linux virgin 1.3

Feb 28th
lubing up the cpu, putting in the cpu

linux virgin 1.4

Mar 07th
putting in fan, more screwing, hooking up cables

linux virgin 1.5

Mar 21st
putting in the dvd and cd, more cables, closing the box, booting up the computer

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From Valentine's Day to the 14th of March, 2005, this site hosted weekly launches of the linux virgin 1.1-1.5 series, an erotic and informative video series about learning to build a computer to run linux on.

To see the videos click on the video archives links...

This amusing series chronicles Karla Grundick, an eager linux groupie schoolgirl, as she is taught how to build a computer by Mistress Koyo, the cyberpunk linux expert.

Also starring Roy, the voyeur, and Dog Big, the masturbating Rottweiller.


we are making erotic games (analog [card] and digital [flash]) to help teach people the parts in a computer and how to put a computer together.



we are also fantasizing about Linux install horror movies...cuming some time soon.

(installing Linux isn't terrifying...yet)


do you have any suggestions? or skills and time that you can donate? equipment? how about some ca$h?

please email us @

dog big

erotic games

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